Amphotericin B

Interaction with Corticotropin

Monitor therapy
QT risk: Amphotericin B Corticotropin

Effect: Corticotropin may potentiate the hypokalemic effect of Amphotericin B, increasing the risk of cardiac dysfunction.

Clinical management: Caution should be exercised upon coadministration of these drugs. Monitor plasma electrolytes (potassium in particular) and cardiac function.

Probable mechanism: Unknown.

Summary: Although not studied in formal clinical trials, the SPC of AmBisome states that corticosteroids can potentiate the hypokalemic effect of liposomal amphotericin.


QT effect

Amphotericin B: Conditional QT risk

Substantial evidence reports that this drug is associated with TdP under certain conditions, especially when used with drugs that prolong the QT interval, when it has induced hypokalemia or when given by rapid infusion.

Corticotropin: QT risk not available